Unicorn Automation

If you are a manufacturer of steel tubes / pipes or gas cylinders, you will certainly be required to give assurances to your customers about the quality of your product. Your quality control department will probably need to rely on some form of non-destructive testing to ensure your product is defect free. There are two main technologies used for this purpose; magnetic methods and ultrasonics. Each technique has it's own advantages and disadvantages and in many ways they are complimentary in their capabilities.

The speciality of Unicorn is ultrasonics. It has good sensitivity to both internal and external imperfections and is ideal for accurate thickness measurement. In a production environment, using a standard ultrasonic system, there is usually a certain amount of false alarms due to a variety of causes and it is therefore important to have a system with good defect discrimination techniques. Unicorn's C-MAX electronics fulfils this objective by using state of the art integrated circuit technology to analyse defect profiles. C-MAX also has , multi channel, high PRF capabilities which, when used in rotary probe systems, allows much higher throughput speeds to be achieved ,approaching those of flux leakage systems. Replacing older, slower, rotating tube systems with rotary probes can have a dramatic effect on plant production.

Unicorn manufacture and supply the widest range of rotary probe systems in the world for ultrasonic pipe inspection / testing, covering tube diameter ranges from 6mm to 700mm. Our gas cylinder test systems can test horizontally or vertically over the range 100mm - 270mm as standard with options to go both smaller and larger. Unicorn's objective is to provide both the production and quality assurance managers of steel tube or gas cylinder plants with a turnkey system capable of meeting both of their needs. In addition we have designed our MMI (Man Machine Interface) to be more "operator friendly" by automating many of the tedious and time consuming tasks required. For example; fully automatic calibration of all channels is available at the click of the mouse and the presence of a standard tube or cylinder. This also greatly reduces the skill level and training requirements for site operators. Standardising on industrial PC compatible computers and the windows operating system for ultrasonic testing also eases the learning curve.

Browse our website for our "short form" of UT testing products and services but please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular application. Customisation is our strength and tailoring our systems to your exact requirements is standard.